Monday, December 31, 2018

The Time Has Come

So long, Farewell, Avederzane, Goodbye.

  I got sick from a single tick bite in January of 2009.  After going 5 years undiagnosed I was finally able to figure out why I was getting so sick and began to get better.  The last DECADE of my life has consisted of misdiagnosis, doctors appointments, blood work, fear, searching for answers, fighting for progress, injections, dietary changes, the loss of relationships, moves, pills, insurance drama...the list goes on when battling an incurable, uncared about disease.
The last decade has also consisted of learning experiences, a dedication to my health, growth & strength, reflexion, and hard ass work.  I made it out alive and now I have the chance to start over even more healthy than I was prior to my Lyme disease and co-conditions.  At this moment I feel as if my time writing this treatment style blog is over.  Maybe not forever but for now... and I may pop back in with a different focus but currently,  I have a strong will to put it to bed; finish the chapter and start a new book.

Right now is my time to live!  It's time I get to be Becky again and use my body to it's full capacity. The spoons remain abundant throughout my day and I no longer feel the need to reserve energy the way I had to in the past.  I feel healthy and able to control this thing called Lyme...  As long as I keep my health a priority in my life and continue to listen to my body.  Environment plays a HUGE part with remission for Lyme sufferers, hence Yolanda Hadid's recent relapse from a water leak in her home.  Mold is huge with Lyme!  Also, any other enviromental chemicals.

I enjoyed using this blog to fulfill my time while in bed after the last dosage of antibiotics for the day or while at home exhausted from simply working a 4 hour shift.  My writing connected me with others battling Lyme and it was a way for me to document my life.  It's how I remember the most difficult times thus far.  I'm forever changed for sure!  I look at the limitations Lyme has given me and I am thankful that I have them because at one point I had nothing but hope. I was a sick, sick body.  This decade taught me a lot about myself!  I am a super resilient bad-ass no doubt about that!  I encourage other Lymies to fight the fight and share your story.  Lyme IS a chronic, silent epidemic and very debilitating; one day the rest of the world will come to understand it.  

I'll always be fighting Lyme.  My doctors remain in my life and will forever!  I love them. Here's the now:

1.  My Aniseikonia from the previous blog post improved on its own.  The retina specialist was kind and understanding of Lyme disease.  From him I received a great eye doc recommendation in town to help me with all my surface eye conditions.  He also wrote a letter to him explaining my unique situation and determination to fix my eyes.  Today, my eyes are the best they have been in a long while!  I moved into and new place and fear my old was making me ill (always, always follow your gut feeling).

2.  I got my one and only amalgam filling removed a few months ago.  What a drama that was.  I went back several times to have her file down the filling because I was unable to chew on the left side of my mouth.  I am worried about that tooth, but for now chewing is okay and no more metal!

3.  I moved again.  This is the 8th time since January of 2015, right after I started Lyme treatment.  Although it is an old beautiful, unique building my health is completely fine in it!  The temporary place I stayed prior was not making me feel great.  I love love love my new place and plan to stay in my new city and apartment for a while and see what happens.  The neighborhood is super cute but a lil more ruff (I speak dog) than expected.  I found myself in quite the screaming match with a crack head in the grocery store parking lot a week after moving in.   He caught me on the wrong night... I'm so glad I have that feisty-tough thing going on when I need it though (thanks NYC). I was gifted some pepper spray and it was perfect timing because I can't move my arms right now to fight so I'm confident I'll take anyone down next time with a quick spray.

Perfection-Becky style!  Almost, minus some eucalyptus...pillows...and a pink/salmon color and...minus the VOC'S this couch is off gasing.  😷 Didn't even think of it until I felt it and put two and two together.  Airing shit out now!

4.  I am doing a trial without my mast cell medication, Ketotifen. After the move I'm doing quite well without it.  Currently, I am only taking thyroid meds T4 and T3!  That's it! Well, besides loads of supplements- that never stops. 

5.  I work out at the gym 3-4 days a week and I am strong and can happily say I'm pretty ripped right now!!!  My workouts are high intensity cardio and heavy weight training.  gRRR. Super happy with all my progress over the last year, I can def hold my own in a bar fight, if needed.
Also, since my battle with Lyme began I have indefinitely figured out why I struggled with my body goals despite how insanely hard I have worked.  p.s. It wasn't my dead thyroid. P.s.s. I am a trainer and can help you too. ;)

6.  I was getting regular chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy.  Usually massage is great, it has been the most beneficial thing I have done for my body.  This last one, not so much.  It caused compression damage to the Brachial Plexus nerves in my cervical region, both sides and thoracic nerve damage, hence some scapula winging.  I was unable to raise my arms upon getting off the table.  The next day I was evaluated by a chiropractor and he led me to believe it was from Lyme disease, my chest workout the day prior, or a bulging disc that randomly appeared after having released trigger points in my cervical region.  Being my biggest health advocate that did not sit right with me and I knew I needed a second opinion by a medical doctor and I even got a third opinion!  Both doctors confirmed nerve damage from a massage.  Long story short it was painful, scary, and I spent 3 days crying.  There was a lot of weakness and I struggled with everyday things like getting dressed, washing dishes, picking up my dog baby, and blow drying my hair.   I was prescribed muscle relaxers, opioids, and referred to physical therapy.  I was devastated to lose all the strength I worked towards this last year; Then I watched the documentary on Stephen Hawking and realized things could be worse.  I stopped crying, researched and took action.  4 weeks out I am regaining strength and having less pain.  I am unable to perform basic exercises that I have to show patients on a daily basis and will remain in PT for a while.  

7.  I continue to eat a strict diet of veggies, dark chocolate, and protein. ;) To me it's not a diet it's life and I feel amazing when I eat like this.  I enjoy some kinds of alcohol in moderation and eat sugar rarely; if someone (Melissa! pear tart, so good)  bakes something I can eat.  I refuse to let Lyme take away the small joys in life.

In my personal life I am single....and dating.
Boone, my dog baby is a total shit sometimes but I couldn't imagine my life without him.  All the walks...  ALL  THE  WALKS.

I will begin back in school at Central Washington University's online program this March.  My focus is public health and communications.  This upcoming year I will be getting more involved in media, public television, and marketing in the Spokane area.  Acting and theatre is something I will always be a part of and I have some upcoming voice over auditions.  This blog made me realize how much I love writing, therefore I will find a way to do it.

More to come on my Lyme disease/cookbook project you can find at

My advice to you is don't ever define yourself by this fucked up disease and don't ever let anybody define you by your fucked up disease!  In the beginning doctors tried to always tell us we had everything but Lyme;  Be forewarned, now that we know we have Lyme and vocalize it, the docs that don't have the answers to your health concerns, unrelated to Lyme WILL try to blame it on Lyme.  Don't let ignorant doctors do that to you!  It is very unprofessional, it puts you at risk and is outright dangerous.  The biggest health advocate for you is YOU.

You can find all my Lyme disease advocating projects on my website under my Lyme disease and Advocacy page  

You can always find up to date info at
I will never stop fighting for awareness, proper testing, and proper treatment for Lyme disease.
If I can help you in any way, let me know!

My last YouTube treatment video perhaps?!

I wanna thank Dr. Susan Marra, Dr, Eric Chan (THE BEST), Dr. Kelley Evans (could not have done ANY of this without her), All the pharmacists and assistants at Haggen pharmacy in Bellingham; My dream team.  I want to thank my mom, sister Heather, cousin Laura, Uncle Andy, Aunt Nancy, Aunt Susie, Ella, Lila; Although far far away you've been there the whole time and never thought I was crazy.  My dad who left us a year ago, rooting for me.  I want to thank those of you who attended the fundraiser put on by my AMAZING cousin Laura in Cleveland, Ohio!  My friends-My loves.  All who have supported me, sent me items and messages, and followed my story along it's way.  You guys helped me get through this, you really have no idea.  Thank you for that.  Now I'm gonna go celebrate with my dog.  Happy New Year!

Nothin But Love,