Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bicillin Injections

I have had enough large needles shoved in my ass, that I can now share with others some tips, if you are about to receive IM Bicillin injections.

I have a pain tolerance of a superhero, so to me most of the time, these are not painful.  They are uncomfortable and sometimes, if you go through an artery it can result in pain and a large bump.

Overall, the pain I feel daily, and the pain I have felt over the course of the last five years is far greater than these IM Bicillin injections.  In fact I enjoy getting these, because I know how much they are helping me. There is always a little bit of nerves before a shot, because I never know if it's gonna be a "stingy one"  or not. Currently, I go to a separate Dr. than my LL to receive the shots and I get them by a handful of different nurses.

Here's what I've learned...

1)  Be bossy, you are about to get a 2 inch needle shoved in your ass, deep into the muscle.  Know your stuff, and tell whoever is giving you the shot exactly where you want it, and how you want it done.  Trust me, they love you for this.  My nurses tell me often that they wish every patient was like me, because I know my stuff.  I know what I want, and I know how I want it done, and where, every time I go in.  If you are going to a regular Dr. for these, most nurses have never injected Bicillin, this is also an opportunity to spread awareness.  So let the nurses know why you are getting Bicillin injections and how they help you.  Talk about your experience with Lyme disease, they are in a position where they can help people, so EDUCATE them!

2)  Warm up the Bicillin.  It is stored in the refrigerator so it's cold and when it's cold you kind of feel a pressure building up during the shot.  You may also feel the medicine travel down your leg.  Warm the medicine in your hands, it doesn't take long.

3)  Inject slowly.  The slower the better with this medication, it is really thick.  If injected quickly, you feel a lot of pressure and radiating pain afterwards.  I had one nurse inject it in 4 seconds, this was after I told her it's way less painful to inject slowly.  It was horrible, I didn't know if I was about to puke or cry after the injection; I cried.

4) Apply light pressure with your hand, if the shot felt more painful than usual.  A vet friend told me the needle probably went through an artery.  You need to mend the damage, if you roll it out on a foam roller right afterward fluid leaks out and a large bump may appear.  I'm talking about a bump the size of a golf ball.  I made the mistake of rolling really hard on a foam roller after a few painful injections,  only to develop the golf ball bumps. It wasn't until I started to apply light pressure to the"stingy ones" that they turned into little marbles under the skin, rather than large balls.

The golf ball hiding in my ass.

5)  Jump rope afterwards!  It gets the medicine flowing.

6)  Lightly massage the area around the injection afterwards, to spread the medicine.

7)  Roll your butt out on a foam roller, not immediately afterwards though.  Wait a little while.  This breaks up the scar tissue that will start to develop.

8)  Rotate injection sites

(Sooo many people viewed this video)!!!!

(I made another one, with music and a few side notes)

I have not done the shots in the shoulder because the needle is too long.  Also, I have not done the thigh.  I've stuck with the ventrogluteal and dorogluteal muscles. To rotate sights, you do, upper right, upper left, lower right, lower left.  Repeat.  Keep track and inform the person giving you the shot, where it needs to be done.

9)  Clean the area with alcohol prior to injecting, wait until it drys, inject the needle.  Aspirate!  You must check for blood.  If you don't do this, you could inject into a vein or artery, and that would not be good. 

10)  Heating the area afterward and walking around to spread the medicine after the injection.  I stopped heating mine, because I usually went to work directly afterwards, but when I got to work I would jump rope and apply light pressure to the area.  Heating helps the injection site feel better.  

11)  Ignore the weird comments, the injector says to you.  They will say things like...
"Wow, this is a long needle" (right before they shove it in your ass)
"I have never done this before"
"This medicine is soooo thick, it's not going in"
"I really can't believe how thick this medicine is"
"Does it hurt"
"How long are you doing this"
Don't ignore these comments, because they make good comments too.
"Wow, you are so strong"
" I don't know how you do this"  (because I'm a bad-ass that's why)
" You poor thing, you just stay here as long as you'd like" 
"You really do so well with these"
"I thought about you the other day in a conference"
"You did a great job"
"I wish all patients were like you"

12)  Find the biggest guy or girl at the gym and ask if they have any tips for you. :) Steroids are injected the same way, and I received some of my most valuable tips from a gentleman who injects steroids.

 If you get a large bump, there is nothing really you can do about it, other than avoid hitting it.  The golf balls are pretty painful to touch, but go away in a week. 

Good luck with your injections!
I find that these shots have given me more mental clarity and more energy.  I have done them for about 3 months and I am currently in the process of stopping them.  I'm moving on to my next level of treatment...dun...dun...dun...

Here is an updated treatment video that goes into my new treatment plan.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fuck You, With Love

I really wanted to scratch this ridiculous blog, about things I love, and write a big Fuck You blog post.  But I'm not going to, because what good is that going to do for me.  

My life right now has been one step forward, two steps back.  Every time something good rolls around, I can now expect two really shitty things to follow.  

I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired!  I think it's taken me 6 months to fully except, or see the changes that have taken place since discovering I had Lyme.  Maybe the brain fog has worn off, and I'm starting to see the light again.  I don't know, but I don't want to be in the fishbowl anymore, I'm sick of watching everybody else live.  I don't want to be in pain anymore.  I am over it, done, good bye, get out of my life, let me live.

I hate what Lyme has taken from me.  Five fucking years of my life.  Lyme has taken from me my body, my mind, my schooling, health, friends, acting, relationships, money, home, Dizzy, work, my life.  This illness is going to be a life long fight, I realize this now.  

I'm angry.
I'm angry that I had to live with this for four years without proper diagnosis.  I'm angry that so much damage was done in those 5 years.  I'm angry that so many people are living with this unknowingly.  I'm angry that the CDC denies chronic Lyme exists. I'm angry that my life was placed on a back burner, while I figured out what was wrong with me, and nobody listened to me, it was all in my head!  I'm angry because I fight with insurance companies almost daily to get treatment for myself!  I'm angry that my voice is so small and that people treat me like less of a human. Why is it such a struggle to regain health? That's all I want, my health. 

Fuck Lyme Disease.  I'm pissed.  I have been advocating for Lyme with a smile on my face.  But not now, not anymore. This needs to change, people are dying from Lyme.  There are also Lyme patients killing themselves because they would rather be dead, then have to live with Lyme.  Lymies are unable to afford the ridiculous cost of treatment and it is killing them.  What is wrong with this picture?  I can't even believe this is happening in our society, right now.

Soooo this is kind of turning into a fuck you post, just not directed at the person I want to say fuck you to.  I'm going to change the subject now and talk about things I heart, because there is still love in my beaten up heart.  Mmmkkkk.  But not before you listen to this song, because this is on repeat in my brain.

I'll rebuild my life one pill at a time, because there is no room for Lyme.


Alter Eco Chocolate
The donuts, cake, brownies, cookies, and ice cream that you consume are something I haven't touched in a year and will never be able to touch again.  Sweets are basically nonexistent in my life, this is the only treat you'll see me consuming.  Sometimes I smother the chocolate squares in peanut butter!  I can eat PB again!!


Yes, these wrinkly pieces of goodness are also considered a treat, for me.  Anything starts looking good after years on a no sugar diet.

Collagen powder

I eat protein, but as an added way of getting protein I like to add collagen powder to drinks or smoothies.  I can't eat most protein powders due to allergies or food intolerances.  Lyme bacteria loves connective tissues and collagen helps rebuild cells.  Read below to find out all the benefits.


Help get the water down.

Spin Bike

I used to teach spin classes when I lived in NYC.  This bike brings back memories.  I'm happy to have extra energy to ride it.  I do about 3-4 30 min sessions a week, at my gym.

Bobby Brown concealer & corrector

For my Lyme eyes.  It works wonders, really.

Mid day Summer walks & lounging in the grass
(because I can be outdoors now)  The last 3 years or so I couldn't go outside much because my outdoor allergies were really bad.  For example, riding my bike outdoors caused throat swelling and rashes.
Sometimes it's just good to get out and get a lil sun on your skin.  It's especially nice breaking away mid day for an hour or so ;)

I said it!  It's hard to admit, that I nap or that I physically have to nap some days.  But I'm getting used to it and I think that's because I'm napping less.  Back before  I knew I  had Lyme, I went to doctors because I had insomnia pretty bad and needed some form of sleeping agent to help me sleep.  The doctors told me never to nap, because it would make it harder to get to sleep at night.  I was scared to take naps until I realized that my body is in recovery and I need them. 

Snuggles and hugs
Let's face it, everybody needs and loves, snuggles and hugs.  When your sick or not feeling well, or need a pick me up, snuggles and hugs are like a drug.

Thanks for reading!!