Sunday, December 28, 2014

Update Video #2

A few points I want to get across.

1.  Getting treatment for Late Stage Lyme Disease is very expensive.  I am very fortunate that I am able to get treatment, for now!  If you are planning on getting treatment, that is similar to mine, you can be looking at a couple thousand dollars a month.  Lyme Literate doctors do not work with insurance companies. Therefore, you end up paying out of pocket for office or Skype appointments. Visits to your LL  can vary, mine is about $350 once a month.  If treatment goes well I will be visiting her once every 6-8 weeks. Supplements can cost between 400-800 a month.  Antibiotics may or may not be covered by insurance companies.  So far some of my antibiotics have been covered, one particular antibiotic that wasn't covered costs $350 for a month supply.  On top of the treatment, be prepared to spend money on organic foods, yoga, infrared saunas, a mini trampoline, and lots of epsom salts, to name a few.  My treatment outlook is 2 years.  The hard part is that most people dealing with Late Stage Lyme cannot work, or have limited hours a day that they can work.  Currently, I feel good working about 4 hours a day.  I also plan on taking a break with my acting jobs because it's mentally exhausting work and physically painful standing for hours on end, like you have to sometimes.  Also, leading up to the acting job can be very stressful for me, I get nervous that my eyes may swell or my hand, which actually happened to me once.  Pay close attention to this video and you can see a very painful and swollen hand.  I filmed about 8 videos this day!
You can really notice the swollen joint in my right hand about the minute mark.  

2.  Be your own health advocate!  If you know that you are not well  and doctors are telling you that you do or don't have something, but it doesn't feel right.  Trust yourself!  Nobody knows your body more than you. Please take your health into your own hands, if need be.  I did, and i'm very happy I did.

Thanks for reading!