Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dairy, Gluten, & Sugar Free PIZZA

Fast and Easy Pizza!

These are the main ingredients I look for when I'm in need of a quick pizza, that's gooey, bready, and crunchy delicious (it was long overdue). These products contain none of my allergens and were all purchased at my local CO-OP store.

Whoever said that wheat/gluten flour makes the best pizza crust?  I've even turned my gluten, dairy, sugar luvin, boyfriend into a believer.  This is now his FAVORITE pizza EVER!

This crust is thick!  But the top layer turns into a cheesy, doughy goodness!  It "makes" the pizza, in my opinion.

Eden Organic Pizza Sauce has only real ingredients and NO added sugar! It tastes just like you've made it yourself!

Chebe Pizza Crust Mix has a whole list of things you won't find in it, some things listed are: gluten, yeast, soy, corn...the list goes on.  Here is a link to read more about it.
Once cooked, the crust is dense and crunchy!   There is no mudslide of toppings off this bad boy, it's perfect straight out of the oven, or cold the next day.

Follow Your Heart Vegan Gourmet Mozzarella Shreds is my favorite substitute for cheese.  I find myself eating it right out of the bag, like the good old days of eating real cheese shreds!  I love how creamy it gets when it melts and its perfect for topping pizza with.

All the other ingredients are up to you!
I chose Isernio's Italian Chicken Sausage (also gluten, vegan, sugar free)
Orange pepper
Thinly sliced red onion.

The outcome was pure delight and an over-stuffed belly!

Even my little Dizzy Dog couldn't resist the smell coming from the oven!